Bush Dreams is passionate about helping clients create quick, lasting, amazing flavors to grow your sales through exceptional flavor. It all began in 2001 when we created North Americas first truly authentic Australian restaurant. There, we began experimenting with exotic Australian herbs and spices, which had never been done before in North America. Innovation breeds success, and in 2004 we got a call from a major theme park in Orlando and instantly we were distributing our Aussie blends into the food service world. 

 Today we are listed with Sysco USA, US Foods and Reinhart, but are also available to clients here on our website. Shipment take approximately 3 days to get to your door.

  Creating exceptional flavor is every restaurants goal, and as we are relatively unknown, we can help you create it quickly, efficiently and with results that are truly unmatched. We have saved some clients up to 20% in food costs and up to the same in kitchen labor. We like to say: Better flavor=better sales Faster flavor=better profits.  Less ingredients means less touches in your kitchen, and therefore less labor and less mistakes.

Also sauces and dips are only as good as the seasonings in them…our blends were also created to tweak sauces so they simply taste better with a easy one step approach. Take something known and take the flavor to the stratosphere.

Sustainability is a hot topic these days. Each of the fresh items going into a complicated recipe must be watered (fresh water detoured for our crops which affects ecosystems and water tables globally), fertilized, packaged, transported, and chosen by you. Many items during this process are discarded because of poor quality or rejected by the grocer. We help in reducing food waste.

Your food will taste awesome in seconds and you don't need to tell your clients your secret. A little seasoning company in Canada who dares to think differently.

 We strive to be your True Flavor Partner.


Sincerely, John Byberg (Founder)